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Bogie Designs Gallery

I am a woodworking hobbyist from Appleton Wisconsin and along with my family, I enjoy sharing the results of this hobby at small art and craft shows as well as farmer's markets.  Most of the wood comes from the land my grandparents once farmed and most of the labor to transform the trees into beautiful artifacts takes place in my grandfather's old machine shed north of Green Bay WI.  

This gallery is intended to provide a sample of our artifacts and creations over the years.  We do not use repeatable templates to mass produce our products, but work with what the tree gives to us by following grain patterns and characteristics of the wood.  So artifacts that are very similar in shape, size, color, grain pattern, etc. to what you see in this picture gallery can be created even if the exact item in the picture is no longer available. 


  • Great for Realtor closings: add your logo on back and custom monogram to front.  

  • Perfect for small businesses:  engrave your company logo for client and employee gifts.

  • Ideal for wedding gifts: engrave an monogram with wedding date.

  • Talk to us about your unique laser engraving customization needs. 

Please visit our About page to learn more about my background, watch a video of the tree-to-board transformation process, and enjoy a short story.

If you would like to make a purchase, please contact us at:

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