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Butcher Blocks

Do not confuse an end grain butcher block with an edge grain for face grain cutting board.  We take great care to ensure that all end grain is facing the cutting surface on our butcher blocks.  This takes much more time and skill, but it produces a product that is easier on your knives and does not show scratch marks on the surface the way a cutting board does.  A butcher block is more expensive than a cutting board because of the extra steps it takes to make one, but it is the tool of choice for those who want to protect their expensive knife set or display a fancy board as a centerpiece.  

You may choose an end grain butcher block over a cutting board to accompany an expensive kitchen knife set or as an accent to a beautifully decorated kitchen.  Many folks purchase these blocks as decorative pieces and never use them to cut on.

DO YOU NEED A CUSTOMIZED GIFT FOR CUSTOMERS OR FRIENDS?  Add a custom laser engraving to any board to create a gift for any special occasion.  We can add your company logo to the back to make great gifts for customers or employees.  Ask us about special prices for large orders 

If you see a butcher block that you like, please contact us at:

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