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Cutting Boards

Whether you select a face grain cutting board for it's natural beauty or an edge grain cutting board for its traditional look, you will get a quality board from our selections.  These cutting boards are more economical than their end grain butcher block counterparts, but the workmanship and attention to detail is equal on all of our products.  

You might select a face grain cutting board if you want to display the beauty and natural features of the wood.  You may also choose this option because of our book matching detail which requires careful milling of a log and gluing the boards back together so that the two sides match like an open book (close to mirror images of each other).

You might select an edge grain cutting  board because of its more traditional cutting board look.  A juice groove in one of these  boards gives it an even more traditional look and practical use. 

DO YOU NEED A CUSTOMIZED GIFT FOR CUSTOMERS OR FRIENDS?  Add a custom laser engraving to any board to create a gift for any special occasion.  We can add your company logo to the back to make great gifts for customers or employees.  Ask us about special prices for large orders 

If you see cutting board that you like, please contact us at:

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