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Charcuterie Boards

What is the real difference between an charcuterie board and a face grain cutting board?  Well really nothing.  Both display the wood's natural face grain beauty and we use our book matching process for many boards in both categories so that the grain patterns mirror one another on both sides of the board as closely as possible.  In our opinion, the only real difference is size and shape.  A charcuterie board's size and shape lend itself more for displaying food for a party or event while a face grain cutting board's shape is more conducive for food preparation.  But they certainly can be and often are used interchangeably.  

With our book matching process, we carefully mill a log so that the boards can be reassembled in a manner where  both sides of the board appear to mirror one another.  The boards open up off of the log like pages in a book - which is what gives it its name.  We have taken the time on most of  our charcuterie boards to create this book matching effect.  

DO YOU NEED A CUSTOMIZED GIFT FOR CUSTOMERS OR FRIENDS?  Add a custom laser engraving to any board to create a gift for any special occasion.  We can add your company logo to the back to make great gifts for customers or employees.  Ask us about special prices for large orders.  

If you see a charcuterie board that you like, please contact us at:

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